Monday, 16 June 2008


Quite often when you hear someone who sounds really great on record they turn out to be something of a disappointment live. Such is the power of auto-tune.

Thankfully this was not the case when I went to see Wild Beasts on Friday

It's all quite embarassing really, but I was stood at the front for the whole gig & I was just swooning over the dude with the falsetto voice - I must have looked a bit creepy as the guitarist kept shooting me funny looks, as if to say "stop perving on my friend". I was literally just staring at him with this big stupid grin on my face...

His voice is really incredible though, it was like having Mariah Carey in the room... But good. Oh & he had to go & make it even harder for me by wearing the best outfit: Faded Levis jacket, little rolled up shorts & some big 'bovver boots' (as my Grandma Nell used to call them)


What a dreamboat

So I've been swooning over him all weekend, & am trying to get one of my friends to hook us all up on a double date - I don't even really want to go out with him though, I'd just like to be his best friend & do his hair & buy him clothes & maybe have slumber parties & have him sing to me....

Anyway.... everyone else stayed behind to talk to them afterwards but I felt far too shy & had to leave. I really struggle to talk to boys I like - I just can't do it... Plus I was supposed to be meeting my friend Suzie & knew she'd scream blue murder at me for being late (again)

ps - when I did an image search for Wild Beasts on google this rather amazing picture came up. It gave me lols >>>


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