Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Hollywood Misogyny

I read this news story today & it absolutely disgusted me.
I understand fully the importance of aesthetics in the media - however this reeks of playground bullying...
Plus what really riles me is that these 'Image-Nazis' direct their bile almost soley at women

"... HEROES star ALI LARTER was once treated like an outcast on a film set after discovering how cruel Hollywood can be to an actress who gains weight.
The sexy star admits producers and directors stopped talking to her after she piled on the pounds while shooting a film on location.
She tells the new issue of Allure magazine, "The faxes went out from the producers and the director to my agents to my manager to call me and ask me to lose weight.
"I just remember sitting in my trailer hysterically crying from the embarrassment I felt about myself, my body - and that no one could talk to me directly." ...."

I don't really know or care who Ali Larter is - I don't even know if she's particularly overweight - but I do know that this is a pretty despicable way to treat a human being.
I think what's most insulting is the cowardly way they went about it...

"producers and directors stopped talking to her"

Seriously...?! Since when were eight year old girls directing movies...?

Were this any other industry they would have been slapped with some fat lawsuit for workplace bullying

Hollywood is the best!

Cover Artwork

Despite doing nothing more exciting last night than stocking up on macaroni cheese ready meals at Sainsburys, I am so tired today I feel like my eyes are going to fall out

In an effort to perk myself up I decided to do a little research into album artwork:

Here are some of the finest examples of graphic design & photography I could find >>>

Oh yeah



This last one I found funny before I even noticed what was going on in the picture - or read the title for that matter. I just liked that it was captioned "Truly A Miracle Of God" & had a picture of a happy old lady on it... When I realised the true extent of the whole entire wrongness of it I had to pick myself up off the floor

I like to imagine she's called Marjorie, has a never ending supply of biscuits & gives good hugs

Monday, 16 June 2008


Quite often when you hear someone who sounds really great on record they turn out to be something of a disappointment live. Such is the power of auto-tune.

Thankfully this was not the case when I went to see Wild Beasts on Friday

It's all quite embarassing really, but I was stood at the front for the whole gig & I was just swooning over the dude with the falsetto voice - I must have looked a bit creepy as the guitarist kept shooting me funny looks, as if to say "stop perving on my friend". I was literally just staring at him with this big stupid grin on my face...

His voice is really incredible though, it was like having Mariah Carey in the room... But good. Oh & he had to go & make it even harder for me by wearing the best outfit: Faded Levis jacket, little rolled up shorts & some big 'bovver boots' (as my Grandma Nell used to call them)


What a dreamboat

So I've been swooning over him all weekend, & am trying to get one of my friends to hook us all up on a double date - I don't even really want to go out with him though, I'd just like to be his best friend & do his hair & buy him clothes & maybe have slumber parties & have him sing to me....

Anyway.... everyone else stayed behind to talk to them afterwards but I felt far too shy & had to leave. I really struggle to talk to boys I like - I just can't do it... Plus I was supposed to be meeting my friend Suzie & knew she'd scream blue murder at me for being late (again)

ps - when I did an image search for Wild Beasts on google this rather amazing picture came up. It gave me lols >>>


What Could Be Worse?

So. What could be worse than standing directly behind a man whose hairy neck is covered in sweat? On a Monday morning. In a packed tube.

I imagine that this is the worst thing that's happened to anyone ever... Probably

The only thing in the world that could possibly be worse is having to lick said neck


Thursday, 12 June 2008

N Is For...


The album cover is deep

I can't even begin to express how much I love Nas.

So I wont even try...

You can just watch his new video instead > > >

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Hole In The Wall

Warning: Sleeping with me can be bad for your health

I just don't know my own strength.
I managed to do this whilst asleep > > >


I kicked a hole in my bedroom wall last night.
I woke from a bad dream at 4am this morning with a sharp pain in my foot. Despite being scared & in pain I was too tired to care & swiftly drifted back off to sleep.
I had been dreaming that there was an intruder in my room leaning over my bed & I kicked out at them in my sleep. Hard. I was vaguely aware that I'd made contact with something but had no idea what until I woke up this morning with a fat dent in my wall. I'm so not getting my deposit back...

But let this be a warning!
Try to break into my house & I will kick the shit out of you.

Wild Beasts

If you don't get it at first KEEP LISTENING!
So worthwhile

I admit that the first time I heard this band I didn't like them
Second play I was like "Well actually... This is good"
By the third play of the album I was truly converted!
Wild Beasts are amazing!

That guy with the 'tache has the most beautiful soaring vocals & the album is packed with just brilliant songs

Officially recommended.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

This Is Pretty Awesome

little boots & mrs chinaski cover girls aloud sexy no no no

Awesome? Yes yes yes

No Tina - You're The Best!

I have a lot of love for Tina Turner (or as my childhood self would say, Tina Tuna!) - ever since I saw 'What's Love Got To Do With It' she has had a special place in my heart. She is simply the best. (har har)


So today I was feeling horribly tired & hungover & needed to get me some kind of quick fix. But who should a girl turn to in these times of need? Why, Aunty Tina, of course!

This video cheered me right up > > >

She dances like me!

I also thought I'd throw this one in for your viewing pleasure as well > > >

Check out the girl in the blue dress - she gives me lols :-)

But is it wrong that I'm totally attracted to Laurence Fishbourne (is that the correct spelling??) in this film? You know what with him playing an *alleged* wife beater & all....?