Monday, 26 May 2008

South Isn't Fly? Are you sure...?

Now there is a rather vicious rumour that South London is not a particularly stylish area... I disagree.

Take a look at the picture below > > >

Lets take a closer look > > >

Oh that's right, he is wearing a Do The Right Thing jacket. And not just any jacket. Its leather & suede & colourful & I'm waiting for the day he takes it to the charity shop so I can have it!
I see him walking round the Ends all the time & I finally managed to get a photo of him... BUT as I took my camera out to get the photo this amazing looking woman?? stepped out of a shop & I just had to get a picture of these two Style Heavyweights together!

Now try telling me people in South aren't fly!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


The latest outing in the "Jaws" franchise is a little low on budget....

Not Really!

It's actually the debut video from new Warp signing Pivot


I swear this is 100% genuine > > >

This is the actual cover artwork for an A-Trak record.

It's the Canadian boxers that crack me up. And the Thug Life tattoo. Oh and the superimposed picture of Chromeo's Dave 1 as a teen.
Well just the whole thing really...

It really is the best thing I've seen this week

Apparently it's being re-issued, so with a little hard work searching your local record store you too could be the proud owner of Gangsta Breaks

Now, I may be taking the piss a little, but it's still pretty much guaranteed to be an amazing mix, so I need to shut my mouth :-)

My New Boyfriend

I wish....

Thursday, 8 May 2008


I must be feeling a little rebellious at the moment as this is my second post this week featuring naughty children. Am I perhaps releasing my latent aggression via the medium of video posts...? Hmmm, that's one for the psychiatrist I think

ps - I think (but I can't be certain due to the poor lighting) that the final shot is of a little Geordie wearing an old skool McEwans lager Newcastle shirt... Why is it always us causing the most trouble? *shakes head*

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Revolutionary Women

I really cannot recommend The Lipster ( enough - it's a brilliant website
I recently featured another article of theirs regarding the BNP's views on rape, but here we have a slightly more positive post > > >

It actually isn't a feminist site, those just happen to be my favourite features...

So take a look at their compilation of Revolutionary Women

Stick that where your history book don't shine!

Friday, 2 May 2008

Street Menace

So the new Grand Theft Auto was released this week & as an ode to Street Menaces I decided to post this in it's honour > > >

Apparently it is a commentary on society's disfunction. Whatever, I just like their jackets....

In further GTA news, my flatmate was given this last week > > >

A GTA flavoured X Box - Yay!