Tuesday, 3 June 2008

No Tina - You're The Best!

I have a lot of love for Tina Turner (or as my childhood self would say, Tina Tuna!) - ever since I saw 'What's Love Got To Do With It' she has had a special place in my heart. She is simply the best. (har har)


So today I was feeling horribly tired & hungover & needed to get me some kind of quick fix. But who should a girl turn to in these times of need? Why, Aunty Tina, of course!

This video cheered me right up > > >

She dances like me!

I also thought I'd throw this one in for your viewing pleasure as well > > >

Check out the girl in the blue dress - she gives me lols :-)

But is it wrong that I'm totally attracted to Laurence Fishbourne (is that the correct spelling??) in this film? You know what with him playing an *alleged* wife beater & all....?


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