Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sebastien Tellier @ Rough Trade East

I went to see Sebastien Tellier on Wednesday. He was doing an instore at Rough Trade East, so a few of us went down to watch him. I have a preview copy of his new album 'Sexuality' & I really love it. It's pretty much all I'm listening to right now. Oh & the cover artwork is amazing!


Anyway, here are a few pics (I was quite far back & the place was really full, so they're not the best...) >>>>>



He was so good! I am now slightly in love with him

When he did 'La Ritournelle' the entire crowd fell silent & just listened... It was quite a special moment actually...
he also performed 'Kilometer', 'Sexual Sportswear' 'Une Heure' & 'Fingers Of Steel' form his new album.

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