Sunday, 27 January 2008

Vogue Shoot

I was allowed to tag along & help out on a shoot 4 Vogue on Thursday... it was fan-friggin-tastic! There were Louboutins & everything! (FYI- Louboutins are only the best shoes EVER... allow the Jimmy Choos...)
The shoot was to accompany an article about the Y___ night at N___ & they were featuring my girl K___ in the pictures as she is a regular. I was more than a little apprehensive about what to expect from the Vogue crew, but luckily they were all absolutely lovely - no attitude from a single 1 of them - I was expecting them 2 b a lil scary. In fact they were so nice we ended up in KFC afterwards with their features assistant, A____, b4 heading back to the club for the night.
The styling was crazy (in a good way)... K___ was looking incredible - & the heels made her oh so tall... just don't tell her she looks like either the Winehouse or Kelis, lol! Wanna say so much about it but dunno if I really can - don't wanna spoil the surprise... you'll jus hav 2 buy the mag & see 4 urselves, just know that it looked siiiiickkkk!!! However, being the shoe-fiend that I am, I will hav 2go in2 sum detail.... there was a crazy pair of red velvet ankle boots covered in gold studs, 6" red velvet stilettos & 6" inky blue velvet stillettos... normally I not a big fan of velvet but these were really beautiful.... I had to surreptitiously wipe my drool off them b4 anyone noticed! My cousin was telling me that I had to steal stuff, but I hardly dared to even look at it - some of the clothes & accessories must have cost thousands.... There was a keyring.... but stealing from Vogue? No way, I couldn't live with myself.....
However the highlight of the day/ year 4 me was when they used my earrings in the pictures - yes my fake gold, bought off ebay for a dollar, doorknocker pieces.... I have now taken them to be framed. My big ass gucci-link chain was going 2 b used too but it got rejected at the last minute... it is now hiding under the bed, hanging its head in shame....

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