Thursday, 10 April 2008

Oh So Excited

As I write this I am in a heightened state of excitement

My rather fabulous cousin is coming to stay with me this weekend & she is just the most fun in the world. Whenever we get together there's trouble: throw in a Chromeo gig, a Vice party, '50s style bowling & illegal substances & you just can't quite predict what will be going down. Although inane giggling at the slightest thing is always a given....

Here is a picture of us on our birthday > > >


Just before we had a food fight on the tube....

I absolutely cannot wait for the Chromeo gig either - they are always fun. I also have a special style of dancing that I only do to Chromeo's tunes. It's a bit spazzy but it makes me happy :-)

Here I am 'hanging out' with Dave 1 > > >


That was a funny night, we ended up in some basement club rapping along to DMX *cringe*

I think you understand why I have high hopes for this weekend.
I just hope that I don't get over excited for it to all go horribly wrong.
Oh well, only time will tell....

Stay Posted!

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