Monday, 17 March 2008


My Favourite DJ is playing at Cargo next week & I am so excited to see him!

His name is DJ Derek


Derek isn't your average turntablist - a former chocolate factory accountant in his 60s (at least!) with a major cardigan habit. He also MCs in Patois.

"Derek gave up his job in a chocolate factory over 25 years ago to dj in pubs and clubs to predominately black audiences He is sited as a major influence by Massive Attack and others who as young teenagers listened to his tunes through the window of the Star and Garter in Bristol where Derek had a 20 year residency Derek is a weatherspoons officiando he thinks nothing of coming up to London early for a gig then popping off on the coach to Birmingham to visit a new weatherspoons and then heading back to play that evening perhaps via two other weatherspoons on the way. He has visited over 600 of the 650 odd sites all over the country. The joys of cheap bus passes. The BBC have made two documentaries on Derek the most recent one made by BBC west had a surprise ending with Derek attending the unveiling of a plaque in his local pub (an ex Weatherspoons) to commemorate his services to the entertainment industry"

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