Sunday, 9 March 2008

Going French For Eurovision

I heard the most amazingly bizarre news!
Sebastien Tellier (who I think is just brilliant) is going to represent France at The Eurovision Song Contest!


If you don't know about Sebastien have a listen to this

"La Ritournelle"

I saw him perform this song live a couple of weeks ago & it was amazing...

But what's he doing on Eurovision??!

He'll be performing his latest track "Divine" taken from his current album "Sexuality"

Usually Eurovision just washes over me & I don't pay it much attention, but this year I will be there! I will also be returning to my Gallic roots by backing a French win - my Gramps would be so proud! Were it not for Seb I would however be lending my support to my mum's side of the family & backing an Irish turkey called Dustin...?

Anyway, it'll be worth watching his performance - he puts on the most ridiculous faux-French accent & basically just takes the piss... I just watched one video where he drapes himself across the piano, then finishes by doing some press ups and lighting a fag.

He is also a Sex God. Official.

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