Friday, 4 July 2008

Homesick? Me...?

Hmmm. There's a strong possibilty that I may be feeling a little homesick today...
Why else would I be scouring You Tube for this >>>

I can confirm that that is how all Geordies dance. Fact.

Rather than sending us to ballet classes or to some lovely stage school, we are perched atop Byker Wall, given several bottles of White Lightning (Lambrini if you're posh) & have lit tabs thrown at our feet til these particularly awesome moves are honed to perfection.

Don't be jealous.

One more from Benwell Raving Crew >>>


Here, that's better than Riverdance like...

OK so one more video which I would like to dedicate to my home town:
It's Uncle Buzzcocks!

More lethal than a spakka with a bag of pills!

1 comment:

Katie said...

Hannah this is just so appropriate! I was down the Bigg Market last night dancing to this song! Haha!